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Corn Cob Powder, a versatile absorbent and adsorbent derived from Corn Cobs for diverse applications which include use.

  • 1014; 1420; 2040; 3080 are processed from the woody-ring portion of the corn cob.
  • 1440PC and -40PC are processed from the pith and chaff portions and are referred to as PC Grades.
  • Corn cob powder used in animal health products, agro-chemicals, veterinary formulations, pharmaceuticals and vitamin premixes.
  • Like dilution of medicines, feed additives like acids, amino acids etc. , growing of orchids, mushrooms and green house cultivation, absorptive bedding for horses, caged animals and poultry in deep litter.
  • Corn cob powder excellent absorbent media in Environment control for safe disposal of liquid and solid effluents, Natural and cheap absorbing media to absorb spillage of oils, hazardous chemicals. It can then be easily incinerated.
  • Corn cob powder used soil conditioner or water retainer in horticulture. It controls water evaporation rate and reduces water consumption when applied as a layer over soil at indoor / outdoor plantation beds.
  • Corn cob powder used litter conditioner in Poultry industry, etc.