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Psyllium has small seeds, 1000 seeds weigh less than 2 grams. Under ideal conditions of adequate moisture and low temperature (50-68°F) 30% of the seed germinates in 5 to 8 days. The seed shows some innate dormancy (3 months) following harvest. Various treatments including wet and dry heat, cold, scarification, ethylene, and CO2 do not eliminate this dormancy period. Post-dormancy seeds show reliable germination in excess of 90% at 84°F and lower rates of germination as temperature is increased.


Psyllium grows best on light, well drained, sandy loams. The nutrient requirements of the crop are low. The soil tends to be low in nitrogen and phosphorus and high in potash with a pH between 7.2 and 7.9. Nitrogen trials under these conditions have shown a maximum seed yield response with the addition of 20 lb/acre of nitrogen.


Psyllium Seeds Technical Quality Specification
Color Light Brown to Moderate Brown
Odor Faint, Characteristic
Taste Bland, Mucilaginous
Particle Size 5.0 % Max. on U. S. Std. #35
Moisture (loss on drying) 12.0 % maximum
Total Ash 4.0 % maximum
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.0% maximum
Foreign Organic Matter 0.5 % maximum



  • Most effective natural remedy for constipation, regulates bowel functions.A bulk forming laxative.
  • Helps in reducing risk of heart attack by decreasing serum cholesterol through proper excretion of bile acids.
  • Consumed daily with water/milk after the meals to reduces constipation, fat and calories.
  • In various industries, it is used as basic stabilizer in ice-cream, sizing in chocolate, seed are also used in cosmetics.