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Natural Black Sesame Seeds are rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin-B and proteins. The black variety yields the best quality of oil and is also best suited for medicinal purpose. Black Sesame seeds are good source of calcium as they contain heavy amounts of protein, manganese, iron, copper and phosphorous. Black sesame seeds contain sweet, neutral, strong, medicinal properties and are associated with kidney and liver meridians. Black sesame seeds are mostly used in the food provided to patients. This helps them to recover quickly from illness. These seeds are mostly used on fish , breads , sauces , and flavoring of bakery items. Natural black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B and serve rich flavors when garnished and sprinkled on food .Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the worlds' first spices. Though they are considered a culinary treat in many places, sesame seeds also have various medicinal uses. Black sesame seeds have sweet and neutral properties and because of this, they are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating kidney and liver problems. Nice crunchy texture, with a slightly bitter nutty flavor. Used extensively in Asian & Chinese cuisine or any other uses similar to hulled sesame seeds. Nice addition for breads, rolls, baking for color contrast. High in calcium.



Quality Blackish Seed (% min) Purity (% min) Oil Content (% min) Dark Colour Seeds(%max) Admixture (%Max) F.F.A (% max)
99/1 99 99.950 48 1 1 1.50
99/1 99 99.90 48 1 2 1.50
98/2 98 99.50 48 2 2 1.50
98/2 98 99.90 48 2 1 1.50
95/5 95 99.00 48 5 2 1.50